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SWIFT Digital Microscopes

The swift pro digital compound microscope 1000x is perfect for student lab research purposes. With dual light it provides incredible detail within a resolution of 1000x. This microscope is alsoibeunable with the usb camera for easy capture and sharing.

Best SWIFT Digital Microscopes Comparison

The swift digital microscopes are perfect for microscope research and development. With their elaborate and design-oriented design, the sw350t is one of the more expensive microscope cameras. While not as powerful as the sw350t, this camera is still a great value research. The sw350t can be used for 40x, 2500x, orroot-based microscope tests, and can be used with or without the sw350t's digital camera. The camera also has a 1. 3mp digital camera for video recording.
the swift pro student compound microscope 1000x dual light labdigital w usb camera is a great microscope for students or those who are just starting to learn about microscope use and equipment. The microscope has a 10, 000x magnification level and can take multiple images with each light beam hitting the microscope on top. The microscope also has a dual light emitting diode to provide long-lasting light. This microscope is also equipped with a 100 micro liter water reservoir and a 2utherford microscope greenwich manual power supply.
the swift digital microscopes are the perfect choice for the most serious microscope users or those looking to photography microscopy. With a factors trinocular stereo zoom microscope3. 5x-90x camera, the microscope can accommodate up to 3. 5x magnification. Additionally, the microscope features a 3. 5x telephoto lens for taking pictures in far-sightedness or close-up microscope conditions.